The journey of Mangatrai began in 1905 to establish the profound business empire of Pearls and Gold Jewellery. The business acumen of Grandfather Ramkumar Ji and the strong personal values espoused by Radheysham Ji has helped to envision Mangatrai as a premium Jewellery Retailer in India.

The reputation of MangatraiNeeraj is built on versatile choices, designs, services and innovation. A Colourful century has passed successively. With each progressive stride we take, we bring premium jewellery closer and closer to you. We believe that our high quality exclusive jewellery reflects the inner beauty more than adorning the body.


Our Authentic and distinct craftsmanship has passed through time. Each and every piece of MangatraiNeeraj Jewellery is a unique collaboration of art, ranging from conventional handcrafting to latest digital technologies. Our highly skilled creative craftsmen with their best machinery and instruments collaborate to produce thousands of exemplary Jewellery Collections time to time. Each piece of MangatraiNeeraj Jewellery collection promises to take your breath away.

Customized Jewellery

Customization of Jewellery is the unique and most innovative option available at. Jewellery Customization involves providing the most flexible functional aspect of turning the same jewellery in different styles for different occasions and the option to change the colour of the stones and customizing the gemstones as chosen by the customer in the designing process is also available exclusively for MangatraiNeeraj customers.

Quality & Specialization

The process of quality check would be stringent through which each and every product undergo before reaching the customers. Considering the new trends, the manufacturing units were set in their origin locations in specific such as Kundan Jewellery Works in Jaipur, Diamond Jewellery Works in Mumbai, close setting of Diamond Jewellery in Bangalore and Prachi Jewellery Works in Hyderabad. MangatraiNeeraj always believes in developing the range of high quality designs by visionary designers well acquainted with the taste & need of the customers looking for updated trends.